Photos: Scenes From Last Night


You can view the many wonderful photos from last night here. If you sign in and turn off safety filters, you will see a lot more.


A New Year’s Eve of Nonsense and Delight

kumi monster

We’re gearing up for another glittery evening here at the Blogger Bungalow: A New Year’s Eve of Nonsense and Delight. Tonight our fetishy and fabulous party assistants will be Kumi Monster, Maxine Holloway, with Mistress and Mister of the house, Violet Blue and dotBen.

The party will be livestreamed via laptop on Violet Blue’s channel – but you can watch, chat and join in the party in real time on the Blogger Bungalow Nonsense and Delight page. We’ll start streaming during setup, around 7pm PST and we’ll be on through the night, toasting you into 2011.

We’ll be tweeting, uploading photos live, streaming and chatting all night as we drink and laugh 2010 away. We hope you can join us.

Merry Macabre Breasts


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Our lovely Juliette Stray.



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This was another failed Eye Fi test. I know what is wrong: basically, Eye Fi must be on life support as a company, and so no one is driving – when Twitter switched to oAuth no one updated on Eye Fi’s end.

Which is a shame, because it would be great – or, if Eye Fi added yFrog or TwitPic to their destinations. Think about how fun that would be….

Kitchen Table


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Cookies and booze and gay 2011 calendars, oh my.

Updates and Changes, Merry Macabre

The Blogger Bungalow blog is getting a little fluff prior to our Merry Macabre party!

We hate that we can’t invite everyone to each party; alas, the Bungalow is not a mansion. This blog and all its media is how we can have you share the evening with us.

Tonight we will have a darkly festive holiday cocktail soiree. Our lovely party assistants are Juliette Stray, Scarlet Faux and Maxine Holloway.

We now have a house Twitter account @BloggerBungalow. Guests will have access to tweet from this account throughout the party, in addition to posting from the blog if they wish.

The house camera is the Lumix DMC-TS2 12.1 MP Waterproof, featured in my recent ZDNet article Gifts That Keep On Giving: Offbeat Gadgets, Toys and Tech.

We will be adding live video components as well for the evening’s festivities. Stay tuned.

The camera is set to upload to the Blogger Bungalow Flickr account and to Tweet the photos. Party setup begins in 3… 2…

pre-Halloween shenanigans: another terrifying sequel

Just fluffing the blog as we get ready for another terrifying sequel… the sexiest one yet.

All images in this post by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid from our pre-Halloween shenanigans of the past.

Violet Blue has opened her house

to us, and we love her for it! Thank you for a great way to spend our New Years. We promise not to spill any absinthe!

PoMo Porn Bloggin

Unfortunately I did not have the camera in hand while Jiz Lee was posting, otherwise this would be accompanied with pix of me giving her a hand job while she was posting so just use your imagination.
-Syd Blakovich

(we will be leaving shortly, wish I could be in two places at once but poly love is resulting in a NYE party crawl.)

We’re on UR bed, taking teh nakid pix

Kumi Syd Blakovich Jiz Lee

When Violet’s Eye-fi cam suddenly appeared in our possession, Syd Blakovich and I couldn’t help but grab KumiMonster and get HNT on Violet’s bed. Heh.

More fun, and hickies on the flicker feed:
Love, Jiz

bungalow hiku

the bungalow is
buzzing and energetic
don’t forget gift bag

colette, social butterfly

the fabulous colette vogele makes an appearance…

tara’s haiku

there are lawyers here.
lots of people wearing red.
very exciting.

interview/party shoes

i walked into the party to the cake farts porn on screen and turns out i’m not a big fan as you can see here
however, then things quickly turned much more my way when i saw scott beale and he took a video of me demonstrating my extremely high wedge heels aka interview party shoes! he will post it later so no girls will ever have to be short again. the one episode when i forgot my interview shoes is here

unwoman arrives


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kumi candid


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gift bag goodies


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also, a test cross-post before the festivities 🙂



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Eddie has the final word.



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yummy Jiz Lee1



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Doc Pop as a GameBoy

happy pre-Halloween!


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From the Eye-Fi in my camera, through Flickr to the blogger bungalow blog. The ultimate: an instantly uploading party camera! Now, for the party…


Looks like the trolls are hung over in the morning. 🙂

I had a great time last night – big thanks go out to super-delicious couple Violet and Jonathan, and of course Ruby O’ Ghosts. Gotta love that name.

Next time, hopefully she’ll let us light up her M-1000s 😉


Monkey on the bottle! there can be nothing more to life….done.

karmic punishment

everyone reading over my shoulder second guessing me.  It’s amazing Violet doesn’t hate me.  OR MAYBE SHE DOES.

fucking jew

There’s a couple of us here tonight, putting SFGate commenters to shame. Ha!  We’re in yer party, controllin’ yer media.

“It was the stuff in the thing where you work”

Violet just opened an incredibly beautiiful bottle of absinthe.  This is probably one of the most perfect moments in my life, because asw long as I’ve known Violet, I’ve described her to people (because everyone inevitably asks me “What’s Violet Blue really like?”) as “like a character from an Anne Rice novel.  No, one of the good ones.”  And as absinthe is a pivotal device in more than one AR novel (again the good ones, and YES, there are good ones, shut up), it’s a wonderful convergence Yay.

I came here

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do.  but I’m sure it will be ok.

bright cacophany

sirens wail in the distance

“Let’s go in. REALLY.”


called st. george in alameda…

a moment away from the cold and bombs

refill drinks and run back out. violet in stilettos, tearing down the stairs with roman candles under her arm…..

Lance says….

seven minutes ’til midnight and there is a mad dash for explosives and a gigantic brown goo oozing from the fridge. another bottle pops and party favors are out front. hearing protection required.

Things we are looking forward to in 2008

– fantasizing about Neil Gaiman.

– reading World War Z by max brooks.

– traversing the dangerous disease ridden South American continent.

– devouring chocolate desserts from local confectioners like Citizen Cake.

– Graduating from that educational pit that is SFSU.

– Being accepted to a really hot graduate school.

– Receiving a robot spine in the mail and installing.

– Watching gooood erotic films.

–  Absolutely nothing.

It’s 11:44



Lance’s brain is in his stomach so he can’t blog.

a list of things I’ll pretend to do in the New Year, but won’t

1) This year, I’m actually going to start networking to achieve my long-term career goals in the exciting world of hardcore pornography.

2) In 2008, I plan to tone down that hyper personality.

3) Come the new year, I really should restrict all that hanging from cranes.

4) I’m really going to sell that house.

5)  finish this…

Live Video

resolutions (a start)

i usually have many resolutions, but this year i will keep the list short. one thing i’m going to do is climb a mountain. i tried to do this last year but we were thwarted by lack of snow and a little “difficulty” with the altitude. now i’m stronger and know what to expect. i’m also going to travel to a continent i’ve never been to. (this will most likely be south america or africa.) so, that’s the start of my list for 2008. thanks, violet, for hosting such an absinth-filled and festive send off to 2007! -colette

New Years at Age 37

When I was a teen I could hardly wait for New Years as there would be booze and getting drunk.

During college New Years meant possibly the best party I had ever gone to. However, $100 for open bar at a club in Manhattan often meant getting far too few weak drinks and fools from Jersey. I moved to San Francisco after college and went to equally high expectation parties that were usually let down.

Finally New Years became a night for apartment parties. Low expectations with very favorable results.

That crescendoed in having the best apartment parties possible, which turned into parties we threw at clubs with open bars for $100. (Full circle, huh?)

Got smarter and found locales we could have big parties but for free. But oh the work. Preparation would take months, all for one night.

All this effort for a what? I got very confused by that. I appreciated being at a party with all my friends and their friends, but oh the effort and the drama.


For the last couple years New Years has ceased to either be the best party ever or a palpable let down. It simple means a chance to appreciate with the people I’m with that we stayed alive another year, all of us in that room, and that we’ll get to see what happens in the one that comes.

That’s what New Years means to me at age 37.

~Ted Rheingold

Top Ten BloggrBungalow Arrival

1 – It’s very warm and awesome here, both personally and in the sense of temperature. It’s like walking into a jungle of well-dressed and extremely friendly monkeys on New Years eve near the equator except it’s not.

2 –  Turtlenecks, are awesome, especially when they lack sleeves.

3 – Apparently the dolmas are awesome.

4 – Verbal tag cloud forming. Tag clouds are Jella Rad aka Awesome.

5 – I can’t see. See flickr for reasons why. Not being able to see gives us a new perspective on the year. New perspectives are awesome.

6 – Awesome is awesome.

7 – What does Taint Muncher mean? It means ‘Awesome’ in German.

8 -People are now talking about Why get sued when you can watch every television program ever. That site is awesome.

9 – Hey it’s Scott Beale, can’t believe he’s here. He’s Awesome. Lori, his lady, is here too. She is awesome as well.

10 – No one knows yet but I brought vinyl and brass with me. Vinyl and Brass are awesome materials.

blogger bungalow

NYE 2007

Image: me with gorgeous goth kitty housegirl extraordinaire Ruby O’Ghosts!

Happy New Year to everyone! We’re having a party here at the Blogger Bungalow, and this is the unmoderated group blog where revelers can post as they drink, play, and celebrate. In case you came here from somewhere besides my blog, I’m Violet Blue, and hope you enjoy our liveblogging tonight — join us, because we with you could be here. We’re about to get started setting up an embedded live webcam, too. Enjoy!