“It was the stuff in the thing where you work”

Violet just opened an incredibly beautiiful bottle of absinthe.  This is probably one of the most perfect moments in my life, because asw long as I’ve known Violet, I’ve described her to people (because everyone inevitably asks me “What’s Violet Blue really like?”) as “like a character from an Anne Rice novel.  No, one of the good ones.”  And as absinthe is a pivotal device in more than one AR novel (again the good ones, and YES, there are good ones, shut up), it’s a wonderful convergence Yay.


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  1. bloggerbungalow Said:

    Matt Says “if you can’t talk to me, I’m gonna ignore it”.
    Violet says “no more notes. if you want to say something, let’s go outside”
    Punish, or, PUBLISH…..what to do…..?

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