Top Ten BloggrBungalow Arrival

1 – It’s very warm and awesome here, both personally and in the sense of temperature. It’s like walking into a jungle of well-dressed and extremely friendly monkeys on New Years eve near the equator except it’s not.

2 –  Turtlenecks, are awesome, especially when they lack sleeves.

3 – Apparently the dolmas are awesome.

4 – Verbal tag cloud forming. Tag clouds are Jella Rad aka Awesome.

5 – I can’t see. See flickr for reasons why. Not being able to see gives us a new perspective on the year. New perspectives are awesome.

6 – Awesome is awesome.

7 – What does Taint Muncher mean? It means ‘Awesome’ in German.

8 -People are now talking about Why get sued when you can watch every television program ever. That site is awesome.

9 – Hey it’s Scott Beale, can’t believe he’s here. He’s Awesome. Lori, his lady, is here too. She is awesome as well.

10 – No one knows yet but I brought vinyl and brass with me. Vinyl and Brass are awesome materials.


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