Updates and Changes, Merry Macabre

The Blogger Bungalow blog is getting a little fluff prior to our Merry Macabre party!

We hate that we can’t invite everyone to each party; alas, the Bungalow is not a mansion. This blog and all its media is how we can have you share the evening with us.

Tonight we will have a darkly festive holiday cocktail soiree. Our lovely party assistants are Juliette Stray, Scarlet Faux and Maxine Holloway.

We now have a house Twitter account @BloggerBungalow. Guests will have access to tweet from this account throughout the party, in addition to posting from the blog if they wish.

The house camera is the Lumix DMC-TS2 12.1 MP Waterproof, featured in my recent ZDNet article Gifts That Keep On Giving: Offbeat Gadgets, Toys and Tech.

We will be adding live video components as well for the evening’s festivities. Stay tuned.

The camera is set to upload to the Blogger Bungalow Flickr account and to Tweet the photos. Party setup begins in 3… 2…


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